50 years of Laser

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Today we celebrate 50 years of laser, which has drastically changed our world. There is no industry and not at home, where it can not be used. Due to its exceptional accuracy and durability is handy everywhere.

The acronym of LASER is: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmision of Radiation. Learn more about the laser and how it works can be found at this link laser and its use and Wikipedia .

In 1917, Albert Einstein laid down conditions for stimulated emission, the first practical examples date back to 50th years of the last century. The first serious practical example is considered today to be 16th maj 1960, when  Mainman introduced the laser , which used the ruby crystal, and let short flashes of red light.

The first ones who have started using it, is whoelse but the army, first to measure distances and marking targets, and later as a weapon.  In order to count all cases in which a laser is used today, you would be rather tired of reading, as it would come to the end.  In the medical field for various operations such as. dermatology, dentistry, oncology.  As an excellent gauge distances and speed, has proved to measure speeding on the roads.

Everyday we encounter them in the markets reading barcode, at work and at home with our computer to write and read CD / DVD media, printing on laser printer  … You could read this article thanks to the laser, without optical cables we wouldn’t now Internet as we know it today. In entertainment industry we best know laser show and holograpy.

How important is the anniversary of the laser for world today you can read more on this two Web sites that are designed merely to this anniversary:


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