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How to add comments widget to Google Site? I can show you how. Not just on Google Site on any site using WordPress, Joomla or just on plain static page …

Recently someone wanted to help him to have the opportunity to comment on his website, created in Google Sites. He didn’t know whether this is possible or not. Of course it is!

On the Google website SiSQ team can be seen at the bottom of the web page the option to add a comment.

1. Sign in to Google Sites as an editor
2. Edit page -Insert – More gadgets – Featured  and search for comment

Choose depended on your purpose: comment boxes, custom guestboox, and comment form guestion, web messages, leave a comment, comments easy 2

3. In Google Docs instead of creating a new document create a new form
4.  Create two questions. 1st Question: Name and 2nd question Comments.
5.  Save the form and share to write for all
6. Edit widget Easy comment 2 on our site
(Add a URL link to a table and a key form)



Examples of use

Form, we have created in a Google Docs can be embeded into any website or published as an single webpage. Furthermore, we have additional opportunity to choose between different types of questions for example identification and we could choice graphic template for.
formt is not only suitable for entry comments, but also to various surveys and event applications. To use for workshop application you could save yourself some work and time as you allready have list of participants with all fo their data.  Jeah.


are you using Google Sites? Remind me a bit at the beginning of the 90th-quiet with Geocities. Geocities web site has a significant role in the development of personal web pages. Back then we all put out there our first personal website. Previously, we can only participate in the BBS and by emails.

Google Sites seem to me suitable for any small thing, more for a hobby or as a personal site and has the advantage of good connectivity with Google Docs. If a small business or association is using Google Docs, they can think about it as an intranet site, allowing the safe use of documents and group cooperation among its members.

Use the forms in Google Docs  I recommend it to everyone that you have web site which does not allow the cover data from the forms in spreadsheet or neither have the contact form.


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