Google Street View with bike

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In Croatia are just selecting the candidate who will be 6 hours a day cycling in Croatia and recorded with the famous Google 3-D cameras. What looks like a wheel – tricycle as you can see on the Gizmodo website, of course, there is also a generator, powered those eight cameras. I really honor a person who will ride a bike, it must be fit, on Gizmodo compared with the condition for the Tour de France. There were recently recording in Austria, where they filmed only with cars.

But Croatia is not the first destination, where the wheel will be used initially by the use of such hard to reach places. Tokyo. In America last year, interviewed users, what would have been interesting to take a bike, but it is for amusement parks, natural attractions, bike and walking paths. so that we may soon see a path within the various university campuses such as Stanford, then the zoo in San Diego, Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, Central Park in New York, The study had a tour of Universal LA , Kennedy Center veseljski and many others.

Some interesting moments, caught by Google Street View cameras:
1. Nudist

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2. Lost in Sardinia

Prikaži večji zemljevid

3. Camerman  works can be dangerous

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4. Parisian women

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5. Sunny day in park

Größere Kartenansicht


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