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Google has decided to show the statistics of the requirements for removal of content from Google products and links from their search engine. This is a request by various state agencies as well as a private matter that had come through the courts (criminal cases only).

They decided to show the statistics from July to December 2009.

removed linksdone
1.Brazil29182,5 %
2.Germany18894,1 %
3.India14277,5 %
4.USA12380,5 %
5.South Korea6489,1 %

And how to show statistics for Slovenia?

Nothing to delete the content requirements and less than 10 requests to remove links from search engines.

removed content

In reality, in both scales have become the first China, but  these data are classified as strict state secret in China, so Google was not allowed to display statistical data. In Germany is little specific information by law that it is forbidden to write against the Holocaust and to be the Nazi sympathizer – comprising up to 11% of all requests for deleting content.

Brazil and India have removed a lot of content at the expense of the extraordinary popularity of Google product orkut.

The content has been removed from:

* AdWords (advertisement)
* Blogger (blog)
* Geo (not Street View)
* Google Groups (group)
* Figure in the search results
* Search the web
* Youtube
* Google Video
* Book Search
* SMS channel
* Orkut
* Gmail

In most cases, removed links and content did not match Google policy on the content, so it was removed without any requirement by third parties, it is mainly for pornography and extreme violence. Statistics are not overly large, so there is no need to create some scream about censorship and the Internet by state agencies.


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