Sophos Slovenia celebrate 20th years

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Yesterday was the annual Sophos Forum which re-joined  IT security experts and users of this antivirus program.This year was particularly solemn in Otočec marking 20 years since the Sophos Slovenia (Sophos was established 5 years early).

In addition to the standard themes about the viruses, worms, Trojans and how to best protect against them, this year was expanded with Vanja Švajcer lectures, big expert from SophosLabs UK and who demonstrated live, how quickly we can become victims of hackers.

As seen in practice, getting viruses, worms, trojans and other harmful code is increasingly dangerous.  At first viruses was generated more like a joke , only for a hobby and as evidence of the programming skills. Then they quickly began to exploit the malicious code in commercial matters – with one goal only- to get as much money as they can. Slowly we’re transitioning to the third stage of creating viruses – the acquisition of political and economic power. With the power, come money too.

Vanja Švajcer presented SophosLabs UK, their organization and how they undertake analysis of suspicious files. Threats facing us in 2010 are still malicious code, blackhat SEO, SQL Injection,Adobe PDF and Flash attacks, fake anti-virus programs, we neither forget Aurora attacts (the attack on Google and other corporations). He refute the myth that is still very much alive, that antivirus companies write viruses themselves. Believe me that they have enough work, without it being artificially created. Another old myth, which can be dangerous for how-minded, Apple computers are immune to viruses.

Malicious code is becoming more complex, usually in the infection is not just one virus, but it is packed all-in; a virus, a worm, a Trojan, and when you delete one, you get bunch of new ones. In addition, operating polymorphic, which means that with each new infection virus mutate, so it is difficult to see patterns of activity and even harder to prepare adequately protected.

The first virus for the PC (used by most of us) was written in 1986. When was it written for the Apple computer virus? Response follows later.

Despite the room full of IT professionals on the safety and protection against viruses, infection was spreading rapidly throughout the space. Infection of good will, especially after hearing a great Sophos band. The composition was indeed eminent, director of Sophos Slovenia Darjan Marčič  as a soloist on guitar in the middle and on keyboards Head of Technical Support Rok Jerman and with a help from part of the Dan D band and bassist from Prava banda (real gang).

Sophos bend live. SUPER!!!

Water flowed, but as is fitting for this place also cviček (local wine)  and as musical guests entertained us locals Prava banda.

Srečanje partnerjev in uporabnikov ob 20 letnici Sophos Slovenija

They presented the future of Sophos products and their new extensions, which means that the firm will remain one of the leading providers of security protection for companies. For start in june 2010 we’ll get new version of Sophos Endpoint Security 9.
Answer to question:
First virus for Apple Computer (Apple II) was written in 1981, ie 5 years before PC virus.


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