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In the absence of morning coffee I’m thinking about a little different “coffee.” I turn on the computer and java is begging again with the new upgrade. Have you noticed that Sun never deletes previous versions of Java (JRE) when installing latest? Maybe I’m spoiled with other applications, which ffered first the removal of older versions, so I would expect to do the same with Java, especially since the Sun is recommended to have installed the latest version. How many different versions do you have on your computer?
Fortunately, there is a free tool JavaRa for doing that.

Do not worry, the latest version of Java is still compatible with all earlier versions, so you can open your applications with the latest Java. In .NET for example it’s important to have right version of .NET framework for specific application. So we have all three versions installed with all the adjustments in between (will be followed shortly by a fourth version).
A brief explanation for those who do not know why most of us must use Java: is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle – Sun Microsystems). Most of us are familiar with Java platform for complex websites and various business applications and of course is also located in the smart phones (eg. games in the phone). Apps would not be working without installed Java.

Free application JavaRa

JavaRa is very nice developed; it’s portable and open source. User friendly and easy to use. First starts to check if we have the latest version of java and if we don’t have it, it’s downloaded and installed via the Sun Java installation Manager. Then came very usefull tool: it remove all previous versions, if we want – obviously we want. The application can clears all traces of their work – Various log files are deleted through the additional task of the app. Of course, when we use javaRa, we have to close our internet browsers, because java plugin is installed there.

You could conveniently used various commands:

*-R runsilent (installation in the background)
*-Purgefiles (removing unnecessary files)
*-RemoveSDM (Sun Download Manager is removed, but not a single Java JRE)

P.S: Java means programming language developed by Sun, the name of the island and on this island is growing a beautiful plant that delights us every day with their grain – coffee beans – Java means coffee too. And Ra is the Egyptian god of sun.


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