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Join the Social Media Day in your area! The promoter is well known web portal Mashable. Currently are registered over 500 cities in nearly every continent. In Slovenia, the events are in Ljubljana and Maribor.
Revolution that changes us

It’s a global event celebrating the movement, initiated by the social networks like Twitter, Netlog, MySpace, LinkedIn andof course  Facebook in particular. Revolution that pushes the boundaries and expanding the positive aspects of globalization. They modified the way we communicate, how we look at media and more, they changing our lives. From passive readers and viewers we’re creative creatures all the time.

Officially recognized holiday

Mashable started with Meetup Everywhere, at the moment of writing this article are registered 577 different sites and 8892 registered participants, also in Slovenia we have two meetings at which you are invited to attend. In British Columbia (Canada) have gone so far as to officially recognize June 30 as a Social Media Day.

Other social media events

A Day of social media is not the first festival on the theme of social networks and media. Twestival was limited only to the tweeters, but with a social note. Their meetings are related to charity; last year for clean water, this year for education in the Third World. Date: 25 March, 220 meetups.
This year there has been another major event in this context a Foursquare Day, which brought together users of Foursquare.com (for login you use Twitter or Facebook accounts). Date: 16 April, 250 cities, 35 countries.

photo: http://www.alpakas-zucht.de

Wondering why the Alpaca in festival logo? Beacuse they are extremely friendly and sociable creatures.


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