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For quick and easy convert PDF to Word document there are many applications even online. For online apps you don’t need any technical knowledge, only upload pdf file on the web page and you get a link to the file in your mailbox. Suitable for occasional converts of pdf documents.

NitroPDF software also converts text images and tables, and maintains a high level to a document to minimize the work of repairing the document after convert. In other PDF converters are often lame.

Beside Word, convertibility is available in Excel and to edit pdf file Pdf Editor. The disadvantage is that it may be converting up to 30 minutes and that is a bit risky, if they convert online.

Free online PDF converter to Excel (xls format, which means from Office 2007 onwards) can convert the table originaly created in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs and WordPerfect Office, and then stored in pdf format.

If you need more often converting Word, Excel or other pdf documents, then it is to consider the purchase of Nitro PDF Professional, which is a serious and a better alternative (and cheapest) than Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Nitro PDF Professional



Another PDF converter; creates pdf from word, excel, powerpoint, txt and images, converts pdf files to word, rtf files.



Desktop app converts pdf file to word, rtf, txt, html images and flash swf files.



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