Facebook: Another step to more secured apps

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Last week, Facebook changed its security policy to facilitate the average user to better protect their data and content. This week marks a first step to security applications that run within a Facebook platform.

At first an excellent idea to offer everyone easy way to make Facebook applications, but they quicly began to exploit this those with not so good intensions. We all waited for Facebook when will be stirred and began to check and application developers and this week we have finaly witnessed this. From now on, we can create an application only if we have a certified FB profile via SMS or by filling credit card in the profile. Verification of credit card is free.

This is certainly not superior protection against harmful applications, but they are closer to. Beside harmful appliations looks suspicious at first look, so I really would not click on the installation and use it. If you use apps from Zynga for example, there’s no fear, the problem lies in anonymous authors. To trust application or not?

Even in a small doubt, the answer is clear: NO.

PS: If you are not sure whether you’re well set the privacy of your profile, Facebook put up instructions how to do.


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