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Are you the one who can not live without Facebook or you searching for a way out and try to deactivate FB account?  Given that FB long ago overtaken Google as the most visited Web site, more people want to use Facebook than leave. What better than to have access to Facebook whenever and wherever for active FB users?

Many active FB users access it through m.facebook.com , touch.facebook.com or use third part application on their mobile phones. Facebook on mobile phone is using for over 100 million active users. Unfortunately this is not for free, it is necessary to pay the mobile operator for data transfer, unless you are lucky and find some open wireless internet point (hotspot).

Therefore, Facebook has reached an agreement with over 50 mobile operators in different countries to make free data transfer for website 0.facebook.com (zero dot facebook dot com) from May 2010. Unfortunately, Slovenia is not on the list like  Austrian tele.ring, ONE Macedonia, Hungary T-Mobile, MTN Côte d’Ivoire …

Advantages of zero facebook com:

* Speed (operators ensure that there is not a slow transfer of this website by phone)
* 100% free of charge (no data transfer charged by operators)

What’s the trick for mobile operators generosity? Free  are only the following features, just to provide a Facebook key activities:

  • Setting status
  • Review News Feed
  • I like it and comment on post
  • Send and reply to messages
  • Writing to a friend’s wall

As soon as they click on for example a link to view photo, they get a warning about leaving the free of data charge area of Facebook and mobile operators charge a normal price for the transfer of data.


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