Twitter WorldCup: Can we take advantage of this in Slovenia?

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Twitter Slovenia 2For the first time Twitter is using special page for monitoring big live event World Football Championship where we can found suppages for each participating coutry and for each game. WorldCup sites has an excellent dispay of how to cover the live event with social media.

By clicking on the flag of the Participants you can see all tweets mentioning particular country. In addition, there’s a list of played and not yet played matches and top tweet-e. Before, during and after the football game you can track users fighting with words.

According to demographic data on the use of Twitter it is over 60% of users outside the United States of America, which represents Twitter WorldCup page the largest international Twitter event of all time and possibly an event with more than ever active participants in social networks. This site is so innovative that I can already say that this is not the only such project for Twitter. Since it’s appropriate for all live entertainment and sporting events, image how frantastic would it be reading all the responses to the Olympic Games.

Football is more important than the Super Bowl and Oscars

Slovenia football team and tweeters also participate in rasing knowledge about our little country. As you can see on photo attched, we were in top 10 worldwide twitter trending for some time.

American Twitter is therefore able to take advantage of a big event like the soccer World Cup.
Can we take advantage of this or any other event in Slovenia?

Some tweets about Slovenia team

If you tweets about our football team and players, then it is necessary to add in the end hashtag #svn and #worldcup. Twitter then automatically added after those words icons (country’s flag and soccer’s ball) . As a supporter of Slovenia (or any other participating countries), you can add to your twitter avatar twibbon as for the example author of this blog.

@ BluesChronicle People all over are now # USA # svn up looking and Their atlases, trying work out Tues whether it is invading a country Worth.

@jeh_w where exactly is slovenia? #svn

@2eux Valter Birsa #SVN for #MANUTD #UNITED , he is great potential in attacking midfield , especially with his free kick ability #SCOUT

@Repminister #worldcup  #slovenia not fair:(

@ Miilho porri, but the # svn Não classificou. , X

@mujtaba2k8 obligatory #wolrdcup tweet for the day, sad so see #svn Slovenia go out, hopefully #gha Ghana will perform better against #usa United States !

@ 5eeer Great job lads. I can say only this. Unfortunately the luck ran out, but it will be in EURO 2012  a few more;) # svn

@ AirMiran “With Brave Hearts Eleven TO THE end!” # Worldcup What’s happening? # Svn

@ @ Hajars tadejmursic Thanks, bro. Anyway, global villagers will not not have to use this site anymore;) # # Svn Slovenia heart

@ Monkey: We proved to be a really good crowd. No spitting . We all agree that boys are serious fighters. # Svn


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