World Cup 2010 in Google Maps

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Second run has started and we’re slowly preparing for Friday’s football match with USA. Hotest question now is:”Where you will be watching the game?” Alone, with friends, at home, in pub, at picnic (it’s picnic season) …

It’s hard to predict who will win ( we will – Slovenians!), surprises where in this World cup quite few already and I hope it will be in our good on Friday too. Swiss beat Spain, so we can beat Americans. Without World Cup you can’t be even in Google Maps.

Google je pripravil posebne zemljevide  na temo nogometnega prvenstva, da lahko resnično raziščemo Južno Afriko s prstom po zemljevidu.

Google prepare special maps Explore South Africa , where we can found host towns. Beside this, they marked stadiums, events for fans and some sights    like national parks.

Picture shows town map of Polokwane, our so favorite town from Sunday and where our football history was made with first ever win in World cup.

Before Google some people make interesting maps on World Cup theme:

Slovenia World Cup Squad Birthplace Map

D2010 World Cup England Squad home towns

World Cup 2010: England’s Journey

Worldwide World Cups: A Map of FIFA World Cup Final Matches

World Cup 2010

And now take in your hand vuvuzela an blow till your dears, friends and neibours can take it.


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