Adobe finally fix security holes

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Adobe has finally repair its known security holes. On Tuesday it offered unplanned update to new versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat instead of a quarterly update provided for July 13th, that resolve 17 known security holes, including the one I wrote about it in How to protect from increasingly dangerous PDF files and on which first noted Didier Stevens.

Download Center Renovation successful

The next update is planned for the October 12th 2010. The re-launch of the Adobe Download Center has made a real step up in terms of security. Since then, Reader and Flah Player update itself automatically to the latest known version, or you can do it manually in settings, specially if you want to check if you have latest version or not.  The transition to new versions was 3 times faster than usually, I think blogging about security holes helped a lot.

Current latest version of Adobe Readeris 9.3.3 and Acrobat is 8.2.3. Recently, a critical update was needed already for the Flash Player, which now has the official version 10.1.

These corrections eliminates the advice that was given earlier this month in Adobe warnings about critial issues in Flash and Acrobat.

PS: There is a warning to all of you who installed the beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1; before installing the official version 10.1, it is necessary to remove beta version.


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