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Snaptu FacebookFast pace of our lives make us quickly impatients if we have to wait a little time and being quickly boring, for example on meeting when boss is having monologue or listening boring lecture …

Fortunately my beloved cell phone is there.  Well during the meeting and lectures I can’t telephone but I  can otherwise use cell phone. Taking a lot of photos is not recommended, playing games is too impassioned for me not be unnoticed, happily internet is there. But I don’t use it for surfing web pages, I use my darling Snaptu!

All in one place
I present to you an excellent Java application Snaptu for all mobile phones who  supports the Java platform. Why excellent? Within these app platform (in the style of the iPhone) you can quickly accesse other applications for social networking, RSS news, sports news, London Pub Guide, latest movies charts, weather forecast, Google Calendar and others. I use it primarily for access to Facebook and Twitter profiles, Weather Accu Weather and RSS News & Blogs.It allows a rapid transition from one application to another, as well as transition from one to another twitter account, and quick access to 7-days weather forecasts my popular places.

RSS News & Vlogs have prepeired channels that are arranged by categories: blogs, business, entertainment, news, lifestyle, science & nature, sports, technology, and you can add your own URL or import from Google Reader.

Some of the available Internet services / applications within snaptu platform (they constantly adding new ones and  improve usability to old ones):

  • Facebook, Twitter,  Accu Weather, The Big Picture, Picassa, Google calendar, Dictionary, Live Soccer Scores, Cricket info, London Tube,
  • Linkedin, YouTube, Gmail, Suduku, Trivia, Flickr, Smashing Magazine, TMZ, Google News, CNET, Reuters, BBC News, Gawker, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Engadget, Jezebel, TechCrunch, GetJar, GigaOm

Number of applications raise daily, beside of english language you can use italian, french, spanish, german, portugal or romanian lanugage. Snaptu is free to use and provide only free online services and webpages.

Snaptu is fast, simple and effective free application for all mobile phones!
How to get it? On mobile phone go to and download app.


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