Sysadmin Day is coming

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Show your appreciation to your sysadmin at least this day! To read this, a several sysadmin have something to do with it. At the initiative from system administrator Ted Kekatosa every year on last Friday in July we celebrate Sysadmin Day. This year is 30. july 2010 for 11th time.

He got inspirated by seeing HP advertisement in a magazine picture sysadmin with flowers and fruit baskets giving by grateful co-workers for installing a new printer. More details are in Wikipedia.

System administrator or sysadmin sets, maintains, protects the networks and servers, store and restore data, from time to time programming scripts to automate processes, solve problems with computers, that technical support can not provide. It must have software and hardware knowledge.

The most important skill is problem solving, usually under big stress and with limited resources must quickly diagnose the problem and of course solve it.

Since most of work is in the background,users not see it so easy and as a cosequence, users less appreciated.

I says: “Better the sysadmin you are, less aware of your operations for proper functioning of the system others are, so it looks as if you don’t do anything.”

“It seems taht you taking for granted sysadmin work, ” said the Kekatos on his website on date proclamation: ” Do you remember when your system administrator restore a file you accidentally deleted? Go and stop at yours sysadmin desktop and thank him or give him a gratitude gift.”


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