Facebook reach 500 millions registered users

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Biggest and most popular social network Facebook reached on 21th of July 2010 another big record: 500 million registred users.

To celebrate this event Facebook create Facebook Stories where you can add your story about how using Facebook helped you to … and make app whre you can read thankyou notes in different languages from Facebook employees.

Facebook founded in 2004 and reached first million users in first year, mostly from US colleges, in year 2005 was 5,5 mio users, 2006 doubled to 12 mio users and jump in 2007 to 50 mio users, but that was not enough to reach 100 mio users in 2008 ( Twitter just reached that number), in december 2009 was 250 mio users nad this july reached 500 mio registred users.

Average user:

  • have 130 friends
  • is connected to 80 pages, groups, events
  • create 90 diferent content in month

More Facebook facts:

  • most qouted persons are Einstein and Shakespeare
  • most popular books are Harry Potter and The Biblie
  • 5 % of registered users are active every single day
  • 70 translations
  • 70 % users live outside USA
  • over 150 mio users access trough their mobile phone
  • status: 20 % signles, 16 % married
  • 115 mio new friendships daily


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