Android: 5 interesting free apps 2010

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Android becoming more and more used in smartphones and currently the most sold mobile is Samsung’s Galaxy S (they have problems delivering worldwide because of hugh demaned).

Android latest version is 2.2 named Froyo, but they promise in the middle of October 2010 version 3.0 named Gingerbread.

The number of applications written for Android is growing ans is currently around 100.000 of which half is free. Very gratifying.

Here are 5 interesting free apps from different categories:

  • Tiny Flashlight   LED
  • Skype Lite Beta
  • WordPress
  • Piano
  • Super K.O. Box 2 Free

Tiny Flashlight   LED

App use LED screen if you have a mobile phone with that screen as a flashlight. Excellent if we for example stay in darkness. Samsung Galaxy  has LED screen and Acer Stream, Nexus One, Desire HTC, sony-Ericsson X10 …


Skype Lite Beta

Mobile use of Skype for communicating with others. You can call from anynetwork to anynetwork if country where we’re current allows that. We can take messages and calls.



for all WP bloggers who have android mobiles. you can manage blog: writing new post, edit and manage content and comments.



Playing piano for practice or to show off to your friends. Contains advertisments.


Super K.O. Box 2 Free

A little relaxation for the end. What can relax more than good virtual punch. great for releasing stress and anger. Warning! The game is so appealing to play that you can become dependent on it. But it’s worth playing until low batteries, so it’s necessary to have near hand power cable.



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