Did hackers attack your website?

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Would you tell if hackers attack your web site? Or much more, malicious code distributed through your site and infecting visitors computers? Some webpage owners announce that, bust most of them are too embarrassed to admit it.

What’s worse

What is worse; that hackers successfully attacked site and upload malicious code for distribution or owners who knew this, but did not tell their viewers, readers and customers?

When hackers just slightly changed the site in cyber attack in terms of leaving message or change text, we smile and accept it for a joke. Recently it happened to TheZone.org, American non-profit organization’s website for the help needy Jewish children. Hackers are called Uyari: Turkish International Muslim Hackers, put advertising for Palestinian Mavi Marmara and left a message in Turkish: shut down your system.
Even Slovenian web pages are not safe from hackers, which have recently experienced at Institute MP, since that day has not been able to add new content. They admitted cyber attack on their site and apologize for the disruption to their visitors on their twitter account, but unfortunately not until next day.

And how are doing that the big ones?

Latest big cyber attack was on famous technical blog Techcrunch Europe (the European edition of the American TechCrunch) and they indirectly acknowledged cyber attack the next day on their twitter account that they have had serious problems and apologized only for blocking comments for a few days. Unfortunately, the matter was more serious, because they distributed for some hours malicious code, till someone told them about the code.

Only at the end of the day they ambiguously suggested on twitter the malware problem, saying they are aware of warnings about malicious code. Visitors get warning when they try to click on their page link trough Google Search Engine. If you visit their website on 6th September, it is highly likely that you have unknowingly download botnet, unless you didn’t get warning from spyware-antivirus protection and get blocked the implementation of the botnet code on your computer.

Such technical blog that writes about this issue should be an example to others how to behave in such a case and be good practice case. Pity.

It’s not shameful that hackers succeed, because there is no 100 % protection, we can only be close to that and make hackers a hard work, but it is a shame not to alert readers about existence of malicious code on website and acknowledge them about potential harm.


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