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Facebook resently added another useful security setting. This control devices from where we’re accessing FB account. Whenever we sign up with different device (computer, mobile phone) we have to write the name of the device and the notice is automaticaly send to our email address.
1. Go to User account and Account settings.
2. Change Account Security to recieve email if a new computer or mobile logs in to FB
3. The next time we log in to Facebook, it’s necessary to enter the device name

FB register racunalnik -1
4. we can view recent account activity. end activity if you don’t know device or location is different.

5. Every login is reported by email with name of device, location and time. Instructions are writen on what to do if we didn’t login with named device, location or time. If this happen, then we have to remove registered device and change password for Facebook.
Unfortunately this is only writen in english, so non-english FB users might have difficulties understanding what to do. Remember, in e-mail message is not showed our time zone ( CET +1 ) for login entries.


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