How to make Android app?

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Future are web and mobile applications. Google offers for its mobile OS two apps for programmers to create apps for Android;  Android SDK and App Inventor beta.

For both apps exist many guides and advices on making applications whether will be game or quiz, for business or for educational content. Let your imagination fly!

Apps are not designed for beginners, but App Inventor is suitable for those who want to try programming for Android phones and found out if they wanted to do that in the future or not.

Currently it’s necessary to send a reguest for access as usually for the Google new app and may take more than a month to approve the reguest.

App Inventor beta

Primary for personal use, basic programming knowledge is sufficient, smartphone emulator, bad are technical limitations of the app and it’s not compatible with Android Market.

Download Guides

Android SDK

For professional use, need a good programming knowledge, there’s no technical limitation and it’s compatible with Android Market.


Programming for Andorid smartphones it’s smart thing to do and it’s more and more business seriusly, latley Android phones are selling ahead of the iPhone.


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