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Vulnerability in the PDF documents is a fact and when I look at statistics of infected filed blocked by the antivirus program in the company, there’s a growing number of infected PDF files publicly available on the internet.
Are your PDF files, downloaded from the internet, really free of malware?

How can we persuade that the downloaded PDF documents are not infected and that they don’t hide any scripts inside?

On the webside Malware Tracker they offering free online analyse of pdf files – PDF Examiner, which examines each PDF file seperately for all known vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader/Acrobat, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Windows, which has not been resolved yet.
It can trace any malicious code hidden in the PDF, encrypted content is not the barrier, where many anti-virus programs fail. Time of investigation: a few minutes (depending on file size).

Currently most exploit vulnerabilities of PDF files

CVE-2010-2883   buffer overflow – PDF embedded fonts
CVE-2010-0188   TIFF image with overflow and shellcode
CVE-2009-4324   vulnerability in the doc. media.newplayer
CVE-2009-3459   craftec stream buffer overflow
CVE-2009-0927   collab.geticon
CVE-2008-2992   util.printf javascript buffer overflow
CVE-2008-0655   collab.collectemailinfo buffer overflow


How to protect from increasingly dangerous PDF files ?  Insteade of Adobe Reader use Sumatra PDF Reader.


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