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Greater Manchester Police has decided to show 24 hours of their work to the public by using social networks.

It’s brilliant PR and marketing event though a modern technology.

Very innovative indeed!

Strike of public services always hit ordinary people

In Europe public services like to strike when government reduce funds for them. During strike they usually get even more bureaucratic and slow or choose to turn off their public service.

Those strikes always significantly affect us, ordinary people with disabilities at work and at home. Recently Slovenian Police Force and custom Officers caused during the strike big traffic chaos on the Slovenian-Croatian border, people waited to cross the border from 4 hours onwards.

Excellent example of using social networks

Twitter DayAnd how the police protest about reducing founds in UK? Greater Manchester Police (GMP) ,one of the largest police units in UK, has rather than to engage strict supervision, turned to the public with excellent organized PR (and marketing) event offering 24 hour access to their regular work.

They decided to look trendy and what a modern police is: on Twitter have posted calls to 999 during 5 a.m. 14th October and 5 a.m. 15th October 2010, using twitter hash tag  #gmp24, where you can still monitor the responses to this PR event, which was monitored internationally and they post photos on Flickr.

Statistics for GMP Twitter Day

  • 3205 tweets about calls reporting incidents
  • 341 people arrested
  • 126 persons in custody
  • Increase followers on twitter from 3.000 to 17.000
  • @Gmp24_1 was most active and read at 14 October in the UK
  • Hash tag  #gmp24 is currently the top international trend twitter

Due to restrictions on Twitter they had to create 4 accounts to cover this event: @gmp24_1, @gmp24_2, @gmp24_3, @gmp_4

Twitter Day Hashtag Activity

By recording each incident with tweet they wanted to show the public how their work is much more complex than just chasing burglars, facing daily with the social and mental issues, from domestic violence to the missing people and engaging people with mental problems.

We have found out what cops have to deal with and how brainless and silly calls have they accepted like reporting there is a rat in a house and caller blame it on cat, living petrol stations without paying for full tank, taxi drivers’ fight, rape, theft ATM machine, duplicate calls for the same incident, lost home keys, harassing ex-partner, child refusing to come home, man masturbating in a public toilet, theft of road signs…

Some tweets on #gmp24

Call 2849 Caller says her two missing cats have come back home. This is a regular caller
Call 2841 A suspicious man was whistling in the street last night in Chorlton
Call 046 – Drug dealer caught possessing cannabis. He has promised to stop possessing it as soon as possible.
Call 91 Rat in the house. Caller thinks the cat may be responsible, Bury
Call 3026 Suspicious man wearing cape in Bolton – police attended and no sign of man
Call 2859 Man urinating at rear of houses in Sale – five officers attend
call 1662 woman reporting children with bats
Call 384 report of man holding baby over bridge – police immediately attended and it was man carrying dog that doesn't like bridges
Call 2742 A woman who is a persistent 999 caller is screaming down the phone and says a bus driver has slapped her
Call 2597 A group of five young boys drunk, officers attend. They were just five scouts walkking past a takeaway
Call 2749 Man calls police to say he is going away over Christmas, is worried he is going to be burgled and wants someone to attend
Call 021 – duplicate of call 061.
call 2531 man complains after being asked for id in shop
Call 3097 a ram raid at a post officer in Chadderton has activated the alarm. ATM machine taken. Police dealing
Call 3095 Taxi drivers fighting in Rochdale
Call 3069 Someone has driven away from a petrol station without paying in Stockport
Call 3062 A bike has been stolen during a robbery in Salford
Call 3045 Concern for the welfare of a relative living in Tunisia
Call 2992 A drunk woman asking for police officers to call her back.
Call 2965 Domestic disturbance in Wigan. Ex partner outside with a knife. Officers attend. A woman has been arrested
Call 2976 Confused man saying he has lost his keys to his house in Benchill. Officers have attended
call 2544 domestic argmuent man shouting abuse through letterbox in Bolton
call 2575 youths causing annoyance by knocking on doors in Salford
call 2534 report of possible intruders. Police attend but legitimate owners. Bolton
call 2494 call about indecent Facebook message on son’s account in Stockport
call 378 A woman rang to ask for their help to sue the benefits agency because she had run out of money


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