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Of course, hottest app must be a game. Rovio Mobile finally release Android version of its popular game Angry Birds for iPhone, who’s in the top App Store demand. Birds fly to 1 million downloads in 1 day.

They are offering a full version for limited time. First they only release on GetJar servers, but demand was so high that servers began to crash, so they release on Ovi and Android Market as well.

24 hours is new record for reaching 1 million download of the app. Other popular Android apps like Skyfire and Adobe Flash needed weeks to reach it.

Company is making games since 2003 in Finland HQ; flash and iPhone games. Angry Birds are very addictive to play. Android version is free with adds.

Today is 4th day and 2nd working day of release and they already reach 2 million downloads in the morning.

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