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Have you ever try to access to certain web page build in joomla, but of course forget the password, username or email?

If there’s a login module on website, then click on forgoten password/username will reset password, but um, if the website doesn’t have it, then there’s a problem. Or, oh, you can not longer accessed the used email address.

In the MySQL databese under jos-users you can see all usernames that are used on the website. Passwords are encrypted so they can not be directly reapired, but can be reset.

There are many solutions for that problem, but they only work, if you can managed the MySQL database. In Joomla database found jos_users and do one of the solutions offered below:

  • copy the password from another user
    if we know other user’s password, copy its encrpyted password and past it under the super admin user
  • change email address
    use another user’s email address (for who you know password) for admin user
  • use the SQL command
    UPDATE jos_users SET password = MD5( ‘new password‘ ) WHERE jos_users.username = “admin“;

Thus, the password has been changed and re-log in joomla site and editing.


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