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Twitter is increasingly expanding in the business sphere. Are you and yours company using it?

Microbloging or Twitter is more and more used for business purposes. Slovenia is increasingly using Facebook or know what it is, but for Twitter I must say that in not so widely spread and most people not know what it is and for what to use. They have no idea how to use it with few exceptions already very successfully using twitter as an online media.

The intensity of use in companies depend on it’s activities . Of course, secret service will not have twitter profile or tweets about their actions and tasks. Service firms in catering, tourism, trade and others who need constant attentions should use social networks and media, particular Twitter.

What you can post/ tweet about

  • PR publish,
  • last minute,
  • discounts, bonus,
  • novelties,
  • tricks and tips,
  • manuals, how to, instructions,
  • campaigns,
  • resolution of complaints, information about own mistakes,
  • problems with products/services, delivery,
  • troubleshooting

As long as the content is interesting and not at all boring or has spam advertisement, the twitter community is pleased to cooperate, retweets content and follow the Microbloging messages and recommended links in tweets.

The advantages of using Twitter and other social networks

  • Communication with customers, partners, potencial customers, the public
  • Normal micro messages will never be labeled as spam, even if send to a large number of recipients
  • Google search monitor tweets, so it’s good for SEO optimization
  • Expanding database of potential customers
  • Does not take much to invest to get the positive effects


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