What’s hiding inside my computer?

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PC works slowly, suspect the virus? What’s happening secretly inside PC?

DDS is freeware for Windows; it scans computer and logs information about startup, running services/drivers, apps configurations, what programs run at startup, installed apps, running services, what are the configurations of these apps, what are the trusted sites, home page of browser, BHO, browser plugins.

Useful when suspect virus

It’s very helpful when it’s necessary to establish the reason for the strange behavior of PC and if are there any virus activities or malicious code. Usually one antivirus app cannot get the venue and remove it alone.
With a little help of the DDS I quickly see unusual running services or apps that are difficult to found with conventional tools.

Simple use

It’s no need to install, just run dds.scr to start scanning. After scanning you see 2 files with the aforementioned information about active apps and services.

Download DDS.scr
P. S.: It’s possible that some antivirus apps and script blockers prevent running, so put it on exception.


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