Facebook:new security policy for apps – luckily not for now

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The new changes in Facebook security policy allowed newly installed applications access to our home address and phone number. Fortunately, they move back security policy.
Now we like it or not accustomed to Facebook constantly changing its security policy and, if too much resistance from the users, some changes even restores back. This time they were on a series of changes when installing applications and about which data from our profile automatically have access to apps.

Besides the usual information (name, age, sex, who are our friends, email) have been figured out that it will automatically be allowed to have access to our home address and phone number. If we didn’t want to share with the author of applications, we need to determine who can access the address and phone in your profile (new option). Changes luckily didn’t affect the various programs and games that we already have installed on your FB profile.

Advice for setting FB profile

You should only publish data for which we will not be sorry if they ever reach a stranger. I for example in my personal profile didn’t write down a phone number and home address. My true friends are already now that.

More details about the changes you can read the Facebook Developer blog

Withdrawn of the new security policy

For now Facebook has withdrawn this latest changes in the user profile settings, so other applications and websites where we are applying our FB login, do not automatically have access to our home address and phone number.

As I foresaw, there were so massive resistance to this change, they had to give up and set the previous state of security policy.

Why they even think of these security changes?

In order for us to facilitate the check-in sales websites and that we would not have to enter additional data already known from our FB profile. It’s very practical thought, but it can be too easily taken for not good purposes. If Facebook seriously examined each application and Web site that uses their API, then I do not see a problem, unfortunately FB don’t check apps.

A Facebook promises not to quit about this change and will be offering us a slightly different solution in a future. We’ll see if it will be useful and truly safe.

Secure user utility must be first in the mind.


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  1. I use Facebook regularly and it is being used by millions of active users worldwide. This is really a great move and would permit users a better management and direction over who can contact their information right down to definite group.

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