Google Body – 3D view of our body

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3D look  inside our body. Google is currently testing this web application as a beta version as part of Google Labs.

For the proper functioning you need  WebGL built in your web browser (Firefox 4 beta, Google Chrome Beta …). You can look at all the anatomy of bones, organs and each muscle separately. and URL  link Google Body


Since the WebGL in beta development application often does not work like it should.

FireFox 4 beta

If you install firefox 4 beta and Google Body stil not working, Matthew has foud the solution:

Type “about:config” into the address bar to bring you to your configuration menu.
In the “Filter” bar at the top, type “webgl”.
Right click anywhere below “Preference Name”–>New–>Boolean–>type “webgl.prefer_gl” without the ” marks–>hit enter–>select “true”–>hit OK.
Now right click on “webgl.verbose” and hit “toggle”.

Start adventure and explorer our body!  Which is the most active muscle?


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