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Last week was traditionally held MS Enterprise Slovenia meeting in Bled organized by the Repro-MS 03. Microsoft’s main theme was what else than clouds, on the other side, what else but still not excessive enthusiasm for cloud computing by enterprises. At a time when even in well run companies IT budgets are cutting down,  radical changes needed in the field of technology, labor and IT organizations are simply unwelcome.

Clouds are becoming a reality

But realistically speaking, we will also need to bite into cloud computing. Large companies will certainly go for hybrid systems, the primary will be a private cloud and external cloud will be for backup. Server and service for which I think is the most ready for a full external cloud in the MS Exchange Server with it’s email service. An increasing number of servers (virtual and nonvirtual) required to install MS Exchange will represent more and more difficult manageable environment for IT system engineers in companies, unless someone from them will do this daily , and for 1000-2000 users In Slovenian Enterprise is too much cost.

And another two reasons; enterprises already have invested big in infrastructure and many of them would like to keep sensitive data on own servers. So much about on IT cloud, because the topic is too big for one post.

Woman leading Microsoft Slovenia

They presented to us a new head manager of Microsoft Slovenia Biljana Weber. We were double surprised by Microsoft, this time they put at the top of the woman and she arrived from the other IT environment – from IBM. With this we joined some other countries such as Australia and Venezuela, where a woman is in a managerial position in the local branch. Unfortunately, only a few days at work have not been enough for her to presents more concrete changes in the Slovenian Microsoft, but we infuse optimism.

Recommendations  for MS Slovenian branch Matjaž Ropret wrote in his article in magazine Delo Slovenian Microsoft need good reset. Indeed, Microsoft people have been a little asleep, so I was expecting  in Bled more efforts from them. I thought that this year will be particularly motivated because of the new boss. Gartner charts us, IT professionals who use and manage Microsoft technology on a daily basis, did not moved much. Charts can only serve to confirm the correctness of the chosen solution.

The crisis is everywhere

After the optimistic promises of MS head manager for the stronger wind of change (a good metaphor: the wind and clouds), we were taken down-to-earth by Štiblar’s look at global economic crisis and a crisis in Slovenia and continued, even more pessimistic, with the announcement of the Apocalypse by Alexander Zadel. We went to the bottom of bitterness to be finally raised successfully, and during that each of us have a little soul-searching: “We live in a time when we extremely miss for adults to be able to take responsibility for their behavior.”

Otherwise, good organization of Repro-MS 03, in a wonderful atmosphere and if you ever have a chance try the culinary delights of Vila Bled.

I would especially like to thank the staff for their  kindness.

See you next year!

PS: However I did learned something new from Microsoft people; about the Portable Data Center, which is a great case where we need urgently large capacity. For a major conference or event such as the European Basketball Championship, Microsoft NT conference, etc… I see a lot of opportunity for use.

Maybe this would read Vegrad’s bankruptcy manager, I read some days ago that they paying the expensive rent for the office just because there is an information system. With Portable Data Center they can place it anywhere on the Vegrad’s land property.

I attach an image movable Data Centre from their website.


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