Sentenced to death for virus

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While no punish for those who have get enormous wealth in Slovenia, in China sentenced to death merely because of the computer virus.
Well, actually, he wasn’t convicted for making computer virus, but for accepting bribes and even sends the innocent to prison and viruses have played an indirect role.

How to eliminate a competitive business?

In 2005, the leading Chinese provider Rising Antivirus has left some staff and founded their own company Eastern Micropoint offering their own antivirus protection.
Soon after, the newly established company was accused of spreading malware program (virus) and theft of trade secrets and vice president had been even sent to prison for 11 months.


In fact, the head of Internet Monitoring Department of Ministry of Public Security Yu Bing have received bribes, forcing Micropoint to sale Rising Company by all means. After the impeachment of a proliferation of malware he has seized Micropoint computers and gave to Rising with all their content in and lobbied the Chinese Foundation for testing anti-virus protection to reject Micropoint antivirus application.
In addition, he published false security alert over China on the spread of malware by a Micropoint’s and that Rising anti-virus program removes it perfectly.


It later emerged that the malware was produced and disseminated by Rising, the allegations against Micropoint-u were perceived as false and dropped, vice president was released from prison. Yu Bing has received during his period as head of Internet Monitoring Department at least $ 3 million $ bribes from four different IT companies, from the Rising only he received 630,000 $ (via The Register).
At the end of last year, the court reaffirmed sentenced to death: the death penalty delay for two years not more.

The end

The story of virus war between the two AV Chinese bidders will delight those defenders of the thesis that various viruses and other malicious code are produce by anti-virus protection providers, as was the case for a Rising AV.
I believe that some time ago that was true, but now too much of malware and treats being created every day for Antivirus companies to resolved, so they don’t have time to make their own.


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