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What cause the biggest response and feedback, when you changing your Facebook profile data? Status of relationship, of course.

For now we have the opportunity to choose between several statuses: single, engaged in the relationship, married, it’s complicated, in an open relationship, widowed or separated.

All the same, all equal

Users in the USA, Canada, France, UK and Australia can now choose between a domestic partnership and in a civil union. These were welcomed from American homosexual association. Facebook has proved to be tolerant social media, equal to all.

FB Notifier Breakup

Are you in love with someone who is already in relationship, but you admiring him/her from a distance? Browsing by her/his Facebook profile and hope that one day found out desirable change of relationship status in FB profile?

For those unfortunate lovers is available FB application that immediately upon change of FB status of a loved one (if that person has previously confirmed you as FB friend), can get email alert and get great chance to firstly win beloved heart.

Choose the friends for whom you want relationship status notifications. The Breakup Notifier can monitor more selected FB friends at once (for all those who are in love with more people at the same time).

I just don’t wish, that you someday found out from breakup notifier, that your current partner has changed his/hers relationship status to single or in love to another person.

Breakup Notifier app

Phenomenal success of the app

Breakup Notifier has experienced an unexpected success, and nearly 4 million installation. Viral wrapped up around the world in all media.

Since it was a lot of negative reaction from users, Facebook, however, that the app did not breach any policies of Facebook, after a few days shut down application on Facebook Platform.

Now the application is available again.


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