How to make Talking Gina happy?

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Do you remember Tom the talking cat that has entranced all, who have Apple or Android devices and their friends? The game, with which spend a lot of time. The consequence of playing is a painful belly from laughing a lot. Not just kids, even adults have fun with it; we just can’t stop to laugh.
After cat Tom came new versions with new characters the Baby Hippo, Larry the Bird, Harry the Hedgehog, Rex the Dinosaur, Roby the Robot, Bacteria John, John & John and for Christmas, we talked to Talking Santa, but the cat remained the most popular figure. It will be someday overtaken by new character or not? What do you think?

A new character is Gina Giraffe

Outfit7 had just introduced a new character giraffe, in addition to the talking this time Gina includes a game. You have to make some efforts to keep Gina happy.

When happiness gets 70%, giraffe get helium balloon and she could repeat our words with a funny voice. If 90% happy, she sends kisses and at 100% happiness, she gave us a brand new baby giraffe.

How to make her happy?

  • * playing clapping game with 32 levels
  • * she likes carrots, strawberries and ice cream
  • * quenching thirst with water or lemonade
  • * not poke her too much
  • * and of course you should not forget her, she needs daily care

But here’s a loop: all meals and drinks are not free, it is necessary to buy it. Very well thought-out, probably Facebook games was an example in how earn extra money. The basic game is free, but various advantages and shortcuts are paid for, which is quite ok for me.

Talking AppStore Gina

Who is behind those Talking characters?

Outfit7 is the result of Slovenian knowledge and operate in Ljubljana and Palo Alto. Talking Tom is still one of the most favorite games for iPhone, iPad and Android handsets and tablets. Tom also appears in various TV show’s like Modern family.

Downloaded already over 60 millions, and certainly will be more than this. It’s the real story on success and an example for others to think globally and not remain only local.

Talking Gina, here I come!


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