Would you like payable converter PDF to Word for FREE?

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Offer which you can not miss! You have an opportunity to get free of charge payable application that converts pdf to other editable formats. Wondering about hidden purposes?

There’re no hidden agendas (spam, email giving, clicking on the ads, hidden costs …), just PDFZilla promoting product by offering for a short time free license.

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Many of you want to repair an existing pdf file deleting some text or images. Among the most widely read articles on my blog SiSQ Tech is Convert Pdf to Word . Article describes the online converter Nitro PDF and my visits to this blog are visited on the search term convert pdf to word in search engines such as Google and Najdi.si .

Do not miss this great opportunity

Free license is available only to February 5th 2011! I recommend that you immediately download, install and register before the period ends. This will save you round 30 $.

For occasional and uncomplicated converting to edit (mostly text) is quite enough any online converters as Nitro PDF, for more demanding use I recommend purchase of the converter such as Nitro PDF Pro or PDFZilla.

PDFZilla can convert to most usable apps and formats as:

  • word (text and graphs)
  • rtf (text and graphs)
  • images (bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif)
  • html (creates auto-generated index file)
  • swf (Adobe shockwave flash animation)

App besides wizards even make easier to work with allowing converts individual pages, or even only part of the page. Bad things: does not support Excel files and it’s only for Windows environment.

You cannot expect wonders if you for example scanned text and save to tif format, convert to pdf, then use PDFZilla for converting from pdf to word. Then you open Word and there are images not editable texts. But if you write text in Word and save in pdf format, than can PDFZilla convert back to editable text in Word.


Free license code is 8061822TWDV6YUK
By clicking on the register after installing, it will open their website, which you can immediately close. Just write above code in window for registration code. Remember that you need local administrator privileges to install PDFZilla.

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