100 years of celebrating International Women’s Day

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Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women.

This year’s 8th March have 100 mark of the struggle for women’s rights with International Women’s Day.

The new millennium brings change in mindset of women themselves and society on women’s equality. Despite an increasingly visible and important role of women in society, unfortunately, is still not achieved real equality.
Still underpaid for the same work as men, lack of presence in the top management and in politics. Globally speaking there is still losing out on education, health and violence from men.

Top companies

Improvements are, but still slow. Many corporations began to more actively support the ideas and activities of the International Women’s Day. American Association for Female Executives (NAFE) annually selects the top companies, where they have 2 women on board, increased number of women in senior management, a program to prepare women to upper management, flexible working hours, maternity…

Among the top are IT companies IBM, Cisco, Intel, Texas Instruments, Verizon, and Xerox. IBM and Xerox are regularly among the top companies.

Did you know that decades ago IBM first offer women the say pay for the same work as men, and that they have the first Woman Vice President back in 1943? First woman as member of Board of Directors was in IBM in 1956. In 1997 they start program IBM Women in Technology. They have Facebook page Women @IBM. Similar program now has Microsoft named Women at Microsoft and FB page with the same name.

Twitter’s Staff Pick’s for IWD

you can browse on Twitter what it’s staff picked for good about international women’s day. There’s a a list of women worth following such as Caterina Fake, co-founder of Hunch and Flickr , Marissa Mayer from Google,  Padmasree Warrior CTO of Cisco…



Make a difference, think globally and act locally! Make every day International Women’s Day!


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