Charlie Sheen egocentric or Don Quixote from Hollywood?

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Who would have thought? From drug addict and a drunker who likes prostitutes and porn stars, who is not afraid of scandal, to become the person who creates an internet history. He’s the one that had 500,000 followers without even one tweet written, to the first million followers in just  one day – first day. What do you think, how many followers will be?

What happens to Charlie Sheen?

Is he on self-destructing march? Looks like with every new interview he only fell even more deeply into the personal crisis his having with his occasional overdose, destroying hotel rooms and consequently causing premature cancelling of TV show Two and a half man.  Currently he enjoys hedonistic life and live dreams of many men: enjoying with two young women at once, but Charlie wouldn’t be Charlie, if these two blonds would not be a porn stars.

Don Quixote from Hollywood

On the other side, Charlie is not stupid, but he chose the battle against greedy producers and influential men of Hollywood ant TV networks like a Don Quixote man. So far he’s doing better than Quixote himself, because his popularity has increased as never before, despite his “abnormal” failures.
Ingenious Don Quixote has in good and bad times his faithful servant Sancho Panza, ingenious Charlie Sheen has his loyal personal assistant Rick Calamaro. Is this just fighting with windmills, doomed to failure?


Charlie is winning big in all media at this moment. On the question of whether ei has a bipolar disorder he answered that is not bi-polar, but BI- WINNING! He says, he admiring late Dennis Hopper and he will survive this battle, because he has blood of a tiger, Adonis DNA and he’s right now on a drug called Charlie Sheen.

The TV show it’s over for him, but could this be the end of Charlie’s acting career too? Will influential men of Hollywood and TV networks forgive him? We’ll see.
He’s making big money on account of his popularity and eccentricity.  He will be probably the most cited personality in 2011. His hedonism and battle with influential men who wanted to restrict his lifestyle so they have more money, admire even those who never follow his TV show Two and a half man.  He’s not ashamed or not regretting anything from his past, as an actor he was doing great, but when they intervene in his life, he decided to fight back.
Is he fighting with mills of Hollywood for nothing?
Next time in article who and why helped Charlie to become from twitter rookie to twitter celebrity and expert in one day.

P.S.: It’s worth to mention popular hash tags that Charlie use. The most popular is of course tiger blood, which is also a worldwide trend in Twitter #tigerblood , two others are #winning and #planbetter

P.P.S.: collects his quotes

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