Facebook has bought Snaptu

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Why is Facebook so interested in snaptu? Because Snaptu is an excellent mobile java application for all low-cost phones are also clearly identified in Facebook so they desired to buy it.

Snaptu FacebookToday Mobilca confirmed o their Snaptu blog. Unfortunately, they did not disclose the details or price, but TechCrunch predicts between 60 or 70 million dollars worth settlement. With this move, Facebook wants to further increase the use of mobile FB to every phone.
For the smart phones Android and iPhone there are a bunch of good applications / clients, for others it is the only sensible option in my opinion Snaptu with a range of advanced functions FB, which other applications do not have.

Miss it

Now when I use the Android phone, I don’t have Snaptu installed, but I miss it. Setup is available here too, but not so easy and I decided not to complicate my life with it (for those who want Snaptu on Android; Installing Android Snaptu on APK). I miss above all that the one application ( it could be said like a platform for other applications) gained access to a bunch of other applications from Twitter and Facebook apps to RSS reader, weather report, a bunch of news, plan of London Metro, cricket results (ok , this I really did not have enabled ) …

RSS Reader

Currently, I am looking for a good and fast RSS reader for Android, but not so happy as I was with Snaptu; currently I use Pulse, but I’m afraid to add too many resources, it will then slooow the reader. Thereby  I came up to another  advantage of Snaptu; its speed. When Snaptu start, it took a few seconds to much, but then you could shift quickly from one application to another; to see tweets, jump to the weather report  at sea, and again go back to new the tweets, jump to TechCrunch news, Mashable, and so on.



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  1. Snaptu is the java based mobile application development. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information with us

  2. I'm one of those people who always spend time surfing social networking sites through my mobile phone but I am not familiar with Snaptu. Anyway, after reading this post I become interested regarding this Snaptu technology. I do agree with SiSQ, Snaptu application fits for the needs of people who have low-cost budget for mobile phones and I'm one of them. Most people nowadays, are greatly fascinated with Facebook that's why most of them try to purchase mobile phones with social networking sites access since buying other mobile devices such as laptops is too expensive or else going to internet cafes is a hassle one. Lucky for the people who developed Snaptu Application because they hit the market.

  3. I read your post that is great information to everybody those who want to connect every time with your friends through mobile social networking applications and media applications. Snaptu is really great application to make a normal mobile phone as smart phone. But can anybody suggest me how to get snaptu application and how to install it in mobile.

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