How to hack ad screens on Times Square NY

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It’s enough that we have the iPhone 4, the transmitter and the video repeater. When the receiver put close to promotional screen, it shows the video played on the iPhone. Great demo presentation on Youtube by the user BITcrash44. I wish to have this gadget.

Internet Scam

As with any viral videos, it is also necessary to ask whether this is true or not. Unfortunately, this video is only perfectly conceived and executed video spoof with good effects. It’s Hoax.

The first suspect was at 0:58, when the iPhone video shows on 4-part advertising billboard image; it appeared on all four screens simultaneously. It does not go that way. Shortly after seeing the video and thinking whether true or not, comes tweet from Graham Cluley from Sophos and he confirmed my suspicions.
Firstly, the transmitter was connected to the iPhone 4 through headphone, which means that there can not be a video output.  And yet another miracle that the receiver works without the necessary power supply.



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