Jenn Aniston sex tape is viral

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Video Jennifer Aniston sex tape has become a virus Viral. It’s her first internet advertising video. She’s hot and only water can cool you down – Smart Water.
Yes, they succeeded in their effort ad become viral. Watch and learn how to do it! Although it is obvious that they want video to go viral with a use of parody they managed to create enjoyable video. They have been using all the tricks that works for viral video on Youtube at once.

A parody on the successful ads and viral video hits. The most part  I like it’s the part with the dancing babies – pure parody on the Evian’s dancing babies. Men will definitely like the part towards the end. You know what i meant when you see it.
This Monday, it began to play on YouTube and to this date has over 6 million views from only one YouTube link. Charlie Sheen can hide there, he has a lot of clicks on his video, but 6 million in one week will not achieve with how he works now.

Jennifer Aniston “Sex Tape” by 24horasdenoticias

Tips for a successful Viral Video

kick worth 100.000 clicks

Learn tricks and tips for a good Viral Video. What should video contain:
• smoking hot looking girl
• talking animals
• puppies, the best choice are golden retrievers
• someone’s fail or accident – kick in the balls
• Celebrity
• famous person selfirony
• kids
• lipsinging in own room
• dirty dancing
• Double Rainbow
• woman drinks water from her bottle and water is running down the body
• word sex in the video name or other, that suggests a sexual scenes

At the end three Internet experts suggeset name for the video clip Jenn Aniston sex tape and Jenn said: “I love it.”

But it would be better if she said this: “I like it.” And ad would flirting with Facebook too.

smoking hot Aniston


Internet video ad for SmartWater with Aniston went over 8 million views on  March 20th. Are you one of us 8 mio?


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