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Grandma reads tweets from celebrities instead of fairy tales. Snazzy!

Do you remember scenes from movies and TV series, where the grandmother on television sitting in a cozy home on the couch and reads a fairy tale from a large old book? All this familiarity brought back pleasant memories of my childhood and my grandparents.

Even grandmas are now modernized; many of them have mobile phones, instead of fairy tales by Andersen now reads from the great Twitter book. You do not believe me?

Boo Ya

Boo Ya Pictures has launched a series of shots with grandmother in the armchair to read tweets. She does not defend it to read the craziest, and not the most suitable content for children. Up to now, she reads tweets of Kayne West, 50 Cent, and Conan O’Brian.

Team Coco

On TeamCoco website Conan’s coworker wrote that he hoped that Conan would not start now with self-censorship and vice versa, now when he knows that grandma is reading his tweets he would be in temptation for testing where the boundary of ugly words she would dare to read.

I wonder who from celebrities will be the next target of Twitter grandma!



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