Android: Something for nostalgic – Ski Free

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Retro is trending everywhere, even in games, especially for mobile phones. Do you remember Free Ski for DOS? Yes, cold winter is gone, but the game is still hot.

One of the most popular ski games for DOS and Win 3.1 was the Ski Free. Very simple, but we play for days in the winter. The graphics were really simple, but there is the evidence that, despite of the minimum graphic resolution, this is not a barrier to success. Released in 1991 and made by Chris Pirih, then a programmer in C at Microsoft.

Mountain Chase

20 years later, Jerry Hildebrand released in the forum Android Central his game Mountain Chase for Android. All nostalgias, who loved to play Ski Free, we’ll definitely install this version. Instead of Jeti barriers hinder the skier and he’s hunted by zombies.

The game can be installed from the Android 1.6 onwards.



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