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Have you’ve been Tagged? Digsby was.  Tagged just bought dotSyntax with its famous application Digsby, so its team is moving to SF. And another tech company lost in wilderness of San Francisco.

Moving to San francisco

digsbyDigsby as app stays a standalone product for instant messaging, email and social client. The most excellent feature in Digsby is multi accounts for yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail … at the same time.
First benefit of selling Digsby for us users is removing bonded offers and apps when you install Digsby for the first on computer.

What will be in the future?

Well, they not have any long-term plans for now, so I assume that Digsby will disappear after few years and its features will be fully integrated in Tagged. In the end I’m happy for 7 employees in dotSyntax, because they deserved big income after making such a great app as Digsby is and keep it free. I’m sure all 3 million users think the same.


It’s social networking focusing on social discovery with 100 millions of users. In Facebook area they somehow managed to survive and even much more, they growth every year. With Tagged we can easy meet new people playing social games, through friend suggestions, browsing profiles and group interests. First was only for teens till 18, but they change login policy in 2006 to allow everyone to sign in and use it.

Tagged is also known for spamming and malware threats through Tagged and for spamming for invites and getting a lot of junk messages.  But if buying Digsby meant changing for better security, I wish it is so.

I hope Digsby will for a long time, I’ve been using it for years.

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