What can Talking Gina do with her helium balloon?

That’s a big question for a lot of my readers, so I give you a hint how to have fun with Gina and balloons.

If she’s 70 % happy, she gets a helium ballon and swallow it. Than she can reapets any of yours words with funny voice. On Youtube you can found lots of videos and here’s the one.



Giraffe Gina is sweet and absolutely must have for kids to play funny and challenging games with her for hours. It’s addictive reflex-building hand clapping game. Now on all iPad versions andtranslated in many languages. More about Talking Gina¬†…

Just like other pets you must have to take care of her. Luckly for her she can’t died, but if you don’t take care of, she can be very unhappy. But you don’t want to make her sad!

Make Talking Gina happy giraffe and she’ll make you happy!


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