Facebook latest scam: preventing spam

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Surely you also see them yesterday and this morning on Facebook or on your friend’s wall (or you do not have so many friends), the following message:

If you’re seeing Facebook messages asking you to “to your partner and Preventing SPAM by VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT,” do not do are – you’d BE Creating spam, notes Stopping it!

As always, when someone by themselves offers excellent protection against viruses and spam mail, is a scam.

This morning, Facebook began with cleansing campaign, first javascript is blocked, which led to new button Verify button my account instead of button share and filter words  “Verify my account”, so either it was not possible to send an alert message, if they were also mentioned these words.

Old messages are not erased, but Facebook take care of Verify button and you could not see it anymore.

For the curious, all supposed to be sent from the iPhone, even you know that your friend don’t have it. How do they do it? They used a device ID, which applies to the iPhone when sending messages to FB.

Preventing spam is clearly not true prevention; by clicking on the verification button (Verify my account), you only spread virus to go on like wild-fire.

Think before you click!


via Sophos Naked Security


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