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One month after the published version for the iPhone / iPad we finally get Talking Gina for Android smartphones. Now mostly all already knows how to run applications where animals talk and made by Outfit 7 .

Gina is the most charming when sending kisses, but its health scale must be at least 90% . Balloon with helium is not as funny as I expected, I prefer Gina’s normal voice, it’s funny enoguh. If you play every day, then every few days you can get a new cute baby giraffe, because each day you get a drink or food and do not forget to play the game Patty Cake. Learn more about the game in How to make Talking Gina happy?


Since the game is primarily aimed at younger children, it should be noted that the feeding giraffes can easily cost you Talking Ginaactual euros, as a small child don’t know a different when using real money or fake to purchase a food.


Or maybe you’re forced to install additional useless games to get some food. They should separate the free application and paid one, rather than create a fictitious free application with hidden costs. If you play free app, than it takes some times to get new baby, when paid one you can buy all at once. The clapping game by acclamation is a little disturbing, because you can’t make mistake even once to done a certain level. I just prefer cat Tom in Talking Tom of all talking animals.

I like app to grove like Angry Birds Rio for example. I will certainly play Rio all this year, because updates are coming – first one soon in May.


Still, it is worth at least a little time to spend, but do not forget to turn off the internet connection on your phone.

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