World’s IPv6 Day

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Today, large global Internet companies are live testing the simultaneous operation of IPv4 and IPv6 on their production servers (not just on test servers). These are companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Akamai. With that it’s a great opportunity to others to test their readiness to transition to IPv6. The test lasts for 24 hours. It’s interesting that Microsoft is testing visibility for its Xbox console, so it’s the only console today on test.

Also in Slovenia, some companies and organizations have for some time now, not only think about it, but have also tested the new environment. Slovenian driving force for IPv6 Service is Institute Go6 and it’s the local promoter of the World Day. Go6 of course is using both protocols for their web page, but today joined for testing some other Slovenian companies like Arnes, Astec, Telekom Slovenia, Domenca, constipation, Tusmobil, Amis, NIL, LTFE, RTV Slovenia, T-Mobile, Avtenta, T-2, POP TV and others (list).

Who will go further and be for 24 hours off access with the IPv4 protocol?

Why the need for transition to IPv6?

Probably by now you’ve heard or read that the IP numbers in IPv4 address space finally ran out this February. Service providers will need to adapt approaches to their content to be accessible to those in the IPv6 space. In the meantime, will most likely have phase, when the servers are adapted to both protocols, but later we will all move to IPv6.

Today’s test will certainly help accelerate the use of IPv6, and convinced others that it is time for a change, even for those who are now believed that there is no need to rush through the introduction or at least with testing.

At the headquarters in Amsterdam is also the Slovenian and world expert on IPv6 Jan Žorž who reported that at present are no great problems, some little ones are solved immediately. It will be interesting to read the findings of tests.

We have a test track and monitor how many problems the company had for worldwide availability AAAA and Slovenian monitor visibility.

Even is the official site of IPv6 Jump Day. To determine if you are on a network or have a website on the server, which is ready to implement IPv6 or not;  IPv6 test.

Is your business ready for such a leap?

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