Fee for using Facebook?

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Are we have to pay from now on if we use Facebook and write content there?  Well we can see those days a lot of FB statuses saying that.

  copy staut:
Facebook has just released its list price for membership. $ 9.99 per month for Gold Services, $ 6.99 per month for the servicemember Silver membership, $ 3.99 per month for an active member of the Service, you will be free, if you copy this message andstick before midnight .. When you sign up by tomorrow morning, you have to pay INFO … It’s official, it is announced, even in the news. Facebook will start to charge for changes in the profiles. If you copy it on your wall, your logo is colored blue, and Facebookwill be free for you. PLEASE SHARE this message if you do not do this your account will be deleted if you do not pay.
 Last week Facebook  makes some big changes for users, but paying for use is not one of them. It’s only spam – hoax. Facebook is making big money already.


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