Night of researchers 2011

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Project Introducing Science and Art to Slovenian Youth and Citizens( short INSARTY) was presented on September23th 2011 called Night of researchers. The main goal was to present work and the life of scientists, researchers and icrease interest in science to young people and others.

A fun science demonstrations which aims to increace interest in scientific careers in Slovenia, beacuse we have lack of them. Slovenia needs more scientists!

The main event was held at Prešeren Square in Ljubljana till 10:00 p.m. – and live video via the website


Other locations:

  • Inštitut Jožef Štefan
  • Krajinski park Ljubljansko barje
  • A.V.A. Ljubljana
  • Hiša eksperimentov Ljubljana
  • Termoelektrarna – toplarna Ljubljana
  • Kulutrni center Novo mesto


More details about project on

Contest: experiments, demonstrations, animations, magic school chemistry teaching computer games, robotics, minerals, discovering treasures of the Green Dragon, cubes, throbbing house, workshop Be safe on the Internet, the future of social media …

At the same time the offical celebration of 20 years of internet in Slovenia was held.



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