Do you have safe copy of yours smartphone data?

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As with all kinds of types of computers, it is also important in smart phones that you do a backup of the contents, or will be later, when the hardware fails, very sorry.
Under the contents of your phone I’m thinking about contacts, multimedia (photos and video), SMS messages, URL bookmarks, the content of internal and external memory (SD card), y

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our system settings.

Android users on Samsung devices will certainly agree with me that Samsung Kies is unfortunate application. Sometimes the connection between computer and phone via USB cable works, usually don’t.

Android Sync Manager

For those who are unable to solve the problem connecting with Kies, or is too slow, I recommend Android Sync Manager Wifi. Very easy to use and fast; for peace of mind and to use the phone without the fear of loosing some data.


You can enables automatic synchronization of the desired data directly into Outlook, if you are using it. The most important are certainly contacts, as somedays nowone knows telephone numbers from the head,  as well photographs and video can be a valuable and pleasant memory.

In addition you can do backup and of course restore of full content on smartphone.
At the same time application offers great info about the state of internal and external space on the phone (SD card). Nice to see how many take up photographs, video, applications, music and documents (quantitative and percentage).


Android Wifi Sync Manager should be installed on your computer, you can found it on their website Mobile Action, for phone application Android Sync Manager Agent is a rapidly download through the Android Market. The connection is protected with a unique long number, you can edit the automatic sync when the phone and the computer are on the same network.


The connection between the PC and phone works only if the are in the same network.



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