How to delete Facebook profile?

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Are you fed up with constant messages on the wall, various invitations to events, invitations to the group, tiered of friendship invitations from strangers, especially invited to be game buddy? Or is there addiction to Facebook and you want to stop this dependency?

If I’m quite precise, it cannot be completely erased profile, it can only be deactivated. What does this means? By deactivating, the profile is no longer visible, and everything inside, from the album of images to movies. It leaves the profile stored on their servers in a stationary state. If it were possible to delete a profile, it would mean that there are no server profile and data stored, but Facebook don’t do this, they only freeze your account and make it invisible to others.


5 steps of deactivation:

  1. Login to Facebook profile
  2. Go under settings – select Account Settings – and then select Security
  3. Click below link to Deactivate account
  4. If you really want to deactivate your account, it’s obligatory to indicate the reason for this step. If you don’t want to receive future communications (invitations to the group, event, label the picture) and want to stopped all communication with others via Facebook you have to confirmed it. Otherwise, you continue receiving invitation, although our profile and information in it’s no longer visible.
  5. final click to Deactivate


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Reactivating Profile

As you know already, is not possible to totally delete the profile, which comes handy if we want after a while to become social again through Facebook or do we want for example get the old image that we have in FB profile’s photo album. There is less actually quacks, it is necessary to remember user name and you still must have access to email address listed in FB profile.


Revival of FB profile in 2 steps:

  1. go to the Facebook page and enter user and password as you did when you have an active profile
  2. wait till you get email message where you click a link to confirm that we are truly the right person and owner of the profile. With this step you return Facebook profile on state, as it was before Deactivation


Do you really want to left Facebook?


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