Hiren’s Boot CD 15.0

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Collections of freeware tools to help with computer’s problems: Hiren’s bootcd 15.0

New Added Softwares:

  • HBCDMenu.cmd: now be launched from WinPE/Network folder, for Vista/7 use F8 before you start windows and then choose Repair Computer > Command prompt and type D:\HBCDMenu
  • MiniXP: Added/updated Storage/LAN/WLAN drivers, added Arabic keyboard, have many more for other languages like for example slovenian keyboard
  • FreeOTFE 5.21: Free; great  disk encryption program
  • Junction 1.04: Create/View/Delete Windows junction/reparse points on an NTFS drive
  • NTFSLinksView 1.05: To view list of all symbolic links, junctions and their target paths (Windows Freeware).
  • ODIN 0.3.4: Open Disk Imager in a Nutshell is similar to Drive Snapshot which supports backing up windows while you are using it
  • PC Decrapifier 2.2.8: Removes unwanted factory preinstalled HP/Dell/Acer computers with Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Print Flush 1.3: To clean the print spool, deletes junk print files so you can print again
  • TrID File Identifier 2.10: recovers filetype from the file content
Arabic Windows keyboard layout
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download Hiren’s Boot CD 15.0 535,21 MB


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